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Below are a few pictures of our children and their horses.  Our children play an important role in our horse program.  They ride and handle all of the horses and have since they started walking.  I have always said that I would not have a horse on my property that would endanger my children.  With that in mind, we have collected some of the kindest horses to be a part of our family.

Nicole is our part time daughter, on loan from Erin Grey in Oregon.  She stays with us for a few weeks every summer and Christmas.  We LOVE Nicole and really enjoy the time she spends with us.  Nicole and Celina are the perfect pair.

Owen(on the right) riding Image, our TB mare, on a trail ride July 2006


Anna hugging Solar Eclipse summer 2006

Anna getting tips from the judge at the Andalusian show in Oregon, 2006

Owen and Anna posing with Eclipse for our Christmas card, December 2005

Anna helping Dan drive her pony Sally. Summer 2004

Alex's first ride ever riding our sweet girl Sally
Spring 2004

Anna riding Amada on their very first trail ride together. June 2006

Owen and Anna here with Gabriel.  Spring 2001

Owen giving Spirit a few kisses.  Summer 2005

Anna riding Black Diamond and Nicole riding Celina summer 2003

Owen hugging Honda fall 2002


Anna cleaning the straw out of Gwen's main right after she foaled. Spring 2001

Anna & Nicole

Anna riding Black Diamond summer 2003

Owen riding Diamond, April on Manzanita and Anna on Sally in the back

Anna & Amada summer 2003


Anna walking Diamond out after a trail ride.

Celina and Diamond are the best of friends.


Anna Joga(age 3) riding her pony Sally with her 2 week old  baby, Black Diamond,  running along side.    Anna is a pro at riding already.

Woops!! Got this one backwards. 

Owen Joga(age 5) riding Honda.  He is just learning how to ride a horse.  
Honda is so patient with him. What a treasure she is.

Anna giving Thriller carrots

Owen, Anna, Honda and Amada

Summer 2002

Owen LOVING Honda